Our Services

Our Core Areas include

  • Youth Empowerment

  • Women’s Welfare

  • Education & Training & Workshop

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Development

  • Volunteering

  • Advice & sign-posting

  • Legal Advices

  • Prevention or relief of poverty

  • Overseas aid to Africa

  • Arts, culture and heritage

  • Social & networking activities

  • Cultural integration programmes and language learning

We Listen

We Gather Together

We Promote As One

Standing Up

For the Community


We are here to help relieve poverty and break down barriers which isolate the Black and Ethnic minority groups and their families in general and especially, the African Francophone communities who are facing the language barriers, by assisting in their integration in the UK economy.

A Community Integration Service

At Goldenn Hope,

We promote sustainable community integration, facilitated by a team of volunteers and experts who share their knowledge and experience with our services users.


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